DreamGuard - Roysons

DreamGuard by DreamScape - RoysonsDreamguard Protex3 is a revolutionary protective topcoat formulated to address the challenge of protecting vinyl wallcoverings in commercial, hospitality, and any high traffic areas. A coating of Protex3 will prevent scuffs, scratches, stains and marks which are commonly experienced as a result of walls being impacted by guest luggage, bellman carts, harsh cleaners and other potential hazards.

Competitive products require wallcoverings to be treated during manufacturing which is often more expensive and always less effective. Dreamguard Protex 3 offers the ultimate level of protection and can be easily applied during installation using a typical paint roller.

Because the coating is completely invisible, specific problem areas that require the additional protection can be spot treated. The ability to target areas creates cost saving advantages that fit into tight budgets.

Dreamguard is VOC free, odor free and completely safe for food contact. Formula follows strict FDA guidelines which means this product can be used safely in close proximity to food, making it an outstanding solution for the food service industry.

Techincal data: the additions of Dreamguard as a topcoat to a class A wallcovering does not affect flame or smoke certifications and can be applied to any wallcovering product. Dreamguard Protex3 meets all federal specifications for CCCW-408 D,C,B & A and Life Safety Code 101.


Introducing DreamGuard®
Protex 3 Clear AqueousTopcoat.

• Extends the life of walls and reducesthe costs of redecorating in high traffic areas such as hotel lobbies, hallways, elevators, stairwells and bathrooms.

•  Provides extreme scratch, abrasion and stain resistance by creating an invisible barrier on the surface of the wallcoverings, without altering the color or appearance of the texture or print.

•  A revolutionary waterbase product, that is completely safe and environmentally friendly!

• Easy onsite application in only the areas you need it… makes it more cost effective than competitors.