Expertise In Lamination

Roysons can bring your project together!  We offer our expertise in lamination to a host of well-known companies who convert these laminated materials into an endless variety of brand name products.  The collection of products and the range which we can cover at Roysons- is astounding.  In addition to wall covering and wallboard, we produce awnings, pool-liners, decorative decking products, geo-membranes, vinyl upholstery, nursery items, shelf liners, curtains, games, tape, bandages, labels…and the list keeps growing, with new projects and applications constantly arising.  Innovation and the opportunity to meet challenges is our forte.


State of the Art Equipment
Large Embossing Library
Expert Craftsmen & Production Operators
Impeccable Quality Control
Custom Design Services
Trial Runs
Water Base and Solvent Top Coats


You can provide the materials for your project or we can provide them for you.  We have a wide variety of attractive patterns available which can be customized to your preferences.  Or you can bring your own pattern or concept and collaborate with our design specialists to come up with something new.  Roysons offers a full- service design studio, high-end strike off machines for sampling, and digital proofers, to ensure that your finished product will fully satisfy your specifications and meet the highest standards of quality, color and design.


Laminated vinyl products offer a great many advantages to our customers and end-users alike.  They are moisture- resistant, breathable, and both washable and scrubbable.  Their decorative surfaces, no matter how delicate in appearance, repel stains, dirt, grease, etc-allowing them to withstand the tests of time and the environment.


This diverse department offers customized elcetric slitting, tubing and packing featuring widths from 3" up to 90".  Automated roll put-ups to 30" wide, blister packaging and customized labeling.


Our state-of-the-art
equipment comprises three multi-ply laminators with web thicknesses from .003mm to .090 mm including:
  • Two dual-drum laminators, maximum 80” width and 94” width
  • One single-drum laminator, maximum 80” width
All our laminators are also
capable of embossing, with a
range of  80+ appealing
 embossing patterns available.

   A sampling of Laminates
   we can produce:

  • Vinyl upholstery
  • Vertical blinds and window shades
  • Decorative Wallcoverings
  • Shelf liners
  • Juvenile furniture upholstery
  • Awning materials
  • Decking and roofing membranes
  • Digital grounds for signage
  • Shower curtains
  • GamesTape
  • Bandages
  • Labels
  • Mattresses
  • And just about anything else you can think of…