Roysons COVID-19 Information

Travel Restrictions - Return to Work Policy

Posted 10/19/2020

 To: All employees
From: Roysons Senior Management Team 

Roysons Corporation COVID-19 Travel Return to Work Policy
The main objective during the COVID-19 pandemic is to keep all Roysons Corporation employees safe and to maintain a virus free  workplace. In order to ensure that COVID-19 is not introduced to the facility, Roysons Corporation will maintain rules for returning to work after travel, both international and domestic.
If an employee travels to any location listed as restricted travel by the state of New Jersey or Level 3 (High Risk) travel by the CDC, they may only return to Roysons after one of the following:
1. Employee may not return to Roysons until 14 calendar days after returning to New Jersey
2. Employee may return earlier (than the 14 calendar day waiting period), but ONLY if they complete the steps outlined below:
a. Upon returning to NJ, the employee must wait a minimum of 5 calendar days
b. On the 6th day following their return to NJ (or later), employee must be tested for COVID-19. If the test is negative for COID-19, the employee may return to work. Negative test result, including date of the test, must be provided to Howie Levy before the employee may return to work
Return to Work restrictions do not apply to travel to states that are not listed on the NJ travel restriction list. This list changes frequently, so please consult the list before travel.
For current travel advisory with the United States, please refer to the list found at this link:
For current Level 3 travel advisory outside of the United States, please refer to this link:


If there are any changes or updates to the statement above,  we will post them here on this web page for easy access.