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Premier manufacturers of decorative surfaces for wallcovering, wallboard, shelving, awnings and many other industrial laminates. Masters of innovation and creativity, we pursue challenge and develop unique design solutions. Whatever your project or idea, with Roysons, you're covered!

We understand that extraordinary design is an essential element of every product. Our design studio continually creates innovative products through the exploration of pattern, material and technique. Our inspired stylists research the market and participate in leading color panels collecting valuable insight which keeps us in the forefront of color and design.

Roysons’ rotogravure presses print attractive patterns on an extremely wide range of conversion products for the furnishing industry, as well as many others. High-fashion residential wallcoverings, awnings and pool-liners, decorative decking products, vinyl upholstery, the fine detail of cartoon characters on kids finger bandages… we print them all, and a great deal more.

When materials must stand up to demanding environments, such as hospitals or hotels, extra tough abrasion-resistant and stain-resistant coatings can be applied on press. 100% coverage is available on substrates up to 80″ wide. Roysons products are built for high traffic areas and wandering hands. The long-term savings are extraordinary.

Roysons offers our expertise in lamination to a host of well-known companies who convert these laminated materials into an endless variety of brand-name products. Lamination on top of a solid foundation like a Roysons product is about as close to invincible as you can get with wallcovering and wallboard.  When you have a piece of beautiful art on the wall, why not protect it?

Our wallcovering is the intersection of high art and practical versatility. It's the result of decades of trial and error that our customers enjoy in so many applications.

We manufacture the highest quality, embossed wallcovering for some of the world's premier brands. You may not have heard of Roysons Corporation, but it's safe to say, you've seen our products many times!

Our process is unique and has been perfected over decades of trial and error. Not only is it beautiful and memorable, it holds up in high-traffic, high-contact areas in commercial spaces. Roysons wallcovering is built to last, and it won't let you down.

The install shots to the right are very small sample of some of the real-world applications of our wallcoverings, but there's an extensive list of textures and colors waiting for you at

Take a look at our ever-growing library of embossed, colorful designs with our interactive wallcovering gallery!

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quality products post roysons
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You may not recognize the name, “Roysons,” but we can guarantee you’ve seen our products in hotels, motels, spas, gyms, even in RV’s as Roysons’ wallboard is among the most advanced, highest quality product in the industry.  Roysons Corporation is synonymous with peace of mind.

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